Dana and I got the booth set up on Thursday. Then I lost my camera. It fell off the Handi-Mover on the way back to the car, and even though we retraced our steps immediately, there was no sign of it. I had a feeling, though, that it would come back to me, because it did have my name in it. Anyway, now there’s a gap in my photos and I didn’t get any of our wonderful neighbors, Kim and Lisa of Kathy Van Bruggen Designs. This mom and daughter team (daughter and granddaughter of Kathy, who had another commitment) were delightful to have next door.

On Friday morning, as we vendors were putting the finishing touches on our preparations, we heard an announcement that the doors would open 15 minutes early due to the number of quilters waiting to get in. Whoo hoo! At 9:45 it began, and it didn’t stop all day. Quilters converged on the Long Beach Convention Center in droves. Unfortunately, the CC was not prepared for the power of the quilt. We began to hear stories of long lines to get into the parking decks, more than an hour’s wait to buy tickets, and long waits in lunch lines only to have the food run out. All of the nearby restaurants were swamped as well. The next day, the CC doubled everything, but I heard they still ran out of food. Next year, guys, don’t underestimate us quilters!

Saturday was not quite as crowded. In the afternoon, a man stopped at the booth, smiled, and held up my camera. THANK YOU Jamie from Janome!!

Here’s what my happy place looked like:



Me (the tall one) with my angel friend Renae (the short one) who volunteered to help me in the booth on Saturday.

I was pretty much chained to my booth the whole time, but I did get short breaks to go over and check out the show. I was mighty impressed! Emerging into the show area from vendor-land was like stepping into a gallery. The atmosphere was dignified and respectful of the beautiful quilts and amazing pieces of textile art that hung from the walls. Over at Quilts.com, you can see lots of pictures from the event.

I also got to meet some quilting dignitaries. Christine Brown, executive editor of American Quilter, appeared at my elbow. She has published articles of mine, and it was great to get to meet her in person. In line for coffee, I accosted Cheryl Uribe, The Quilt Show‘s Gizmo Girl. Later I saw her chatting with my photographer Gregory Case, who is Photo Man for TQS. After repeated attempts, I finally met Verna Mosquera when she wasn’t surrounded by her fans. I was also able to touch base with many other friends and acquaintances over the weekend.

At 3:00 sharp on Sunday afternoon, the bittersweet announcement went out that Festival was over for the year. What took 3 days to set up in vendor-land had to be down and out the door 5 hours later. That was no problem for us… we were out in a little over an hour, even with the three trips. I’m already psyched up about next year! Mark your calendars… July 24-26, 2009, same venue!

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DH Dana and I got home on Monday afternoon from International Quilt Festival in Long Beach. I was one weary girl. Besides all the toting, stooping, and lifting, talk about your mental energy expended! It was a blast and a half.

Turret House.gifWe arrived at the Turret House Bed & Breakfast on Wednesday. I found it on-line; it’s one of only two B&Bs in Long Beach, and just a mile from the show. It was an utter delight.

sitting-room.gifDone up in overstuffed Victorian style, the house was welcoming and comfy. The kitchen’s open so you can wander through the entire downstairs, even cook your own meals if you want to.

parlor.gifA couple of different parlors provided reading or chatting opportunities with other guests.

winston.gifWinston the English Bulldog was the official meeter and greeter. Such a friendly guy!

gray-lady.gifHere’s the Gray Lady who startled me every morning at the bottom of the staircase.

Thursday mid-morning we headed down to the convention center to set up the Quilt Puppy booth. When we got near the front entrance, Dana said, “Is that the line to unload?”

conv-center.gifIt was. See those two vans headed left alongside the building? That was the end of the line waiting for the loading docks, which were at the back of the building!

After a quick consultation with a security guard, we coughed up $10 bucks, parked in the parking deck, and rolled everything across the street.

dana-helper.gifMy cheerful helper Dana with the blessed Handi-Mover.

line-load.gifHere’s the line of waiting vans that we rolled past.

dock.gifThe glamorous side of a quilt show! The loading dock.

back.gifWhat the vendors get to see… the back of the venue, during setup.

make-it.gifMake-It-University, before all the action starts.

Next time, more about the show!
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Hillary pattern benefits companion animals

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Leafing through my Keepsake Quilting catalog, I noticed a darling pattern for an appliquéd calico cat gazing at me with green eyes from atop a patchwork quilt. I went googling to find out more about the pattern. I was delighted to find out on Roberta Williams’ website that Hillary is the 18-year-old cat of Roberta’s good friend Diane Gaudynski, and that the two designers are donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern to the Morris Animal Foundation.

That’s a lovely thing to do and I applaud them.

I’m off to Long Beach tomorrow to show my wares at the International Quilt Festival. I’m pretty darned excited! I’ve trained the DH Dana as a cashier. He’s being an awfully good sport. See you when I get back!

Until next time,
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Stitching order

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Stitching order is often dictated by the design. Sometimes though, it can be open to interpretation. Take a look at this block design from Baskets to Appliqué.


In this instance, the base of the basket can go over or under the body, and the body can go over or under the inside.

lemon-basket.jpgWhen I made my basket, I put the body over the base, and the inside over the body, as this was an easier stitching situation for hand appliqué. It still looks like the inside.

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Joanna’s Appliqué Today

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I discovered a very colorful, joyful blog by a young woman named Joanna. She has put up a couple of outstanding tutorials on needleturn appliqué, the first on prep and the second on the stitching.

Joanna marks differently than I do, handles points and notches just a touch differently, and uses glue to stick things down, whereas I’m a baster. Vive la différence! There’s no one right way. Appliquérs find the methods that work for them.

Thanks, Joanna, for your effervescent Appliqué Today.

Until next time,
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While I was at Quilt Market in Portland, I saw the display by Ackfeld Manufacturing of bunches of darling wire hangers, and it got my mind spinning with ideas. I ordered some of the little hangers and as soon as I got home I set out making some little quilts. I love small things so this was a barrel of fun for me, and it also have me a chance to show off the motifs from my new book Home: A Heartfelt Nap Quilt and how you can use them different ways.


These are all machine appliquéd with a blanket stitch, and I just used scraps left over from making the original Home quilt. I didn’t really plan anything out in advance, just chose the motifs and played around until I thought, ‘hey, that looks good,’ then fused them down. It’s great working this way in between fussier projects!

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