July 29, 2009

Got home on Monday from the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach. All went well and it was a blast and a half! The convention center was much better prepared for the onslaught of quilters… everybody got in the door and got fed!

This year there was a Preview Party on Thursday night that started at 5:00. Here was my aisle at 2:00.


Hmm… well, it was all good by opening time. The shot also shows this year’s lovely grape carpet.

booth.gifMy little space in Vendorland.

I stayed once again at the Turret House, a lovely, comfortable Victorian B&B not far from the convention center.


Resident English bulldogs Winston and Waldo show their power-nap skills to visitors.


Winston, the white one and the younger of the two, would come trotting up to me, head-bump my legs, and swish in and out of my long skirt. That was jolly good fun.


My place setting one morning… dragonfly napkin ring and fresh-picked bleeding hearts.

On Friday and Saturday the show closed at 7:00, at which time I would stagger across the street to find something to eat. On Saturday I had just gotten my food at the tacqueria when Beth and Liz swept in and folded me into their party. They introduced me to another gal but I didn’t quite catch her name in all of the plate-moving and napkin-getting. All of a sudden this gal says to me, “Aren’t you the one who did my blog hop?” It was PAT SLOAN. I totally didn’t recognize her from her picture.

After we had all established who we were and how we knew each other, we ate our food and talked and talked and talked. It was wonderful. Let’s just say that the Lizzie B gals are an entertainment unto themselves. After at least an hour, all of a sudden Pat pointed to my apron and said, “Hey, that’s my fabric!” We laughed and laughed.


Wish I looked as perky as Pat after nine hours on the show floor.

Notice the sign above Pat’s head that looks like it says to Get Naked. Don’t worry, she kept her clothes on. It really says to Get It Naked… in other words, to order the lower fat and calorie version of their foodstuffs LOL!


Here is said apron.


The pattern is one of Gina’s at Threaded Pear. I added a monogram à la Laverne. The cute pin was gifted to me by the designer, David McNutt. Thanks David! I love it. And, obviously, I love the fabric!

Until next time… some really cool things coming up…
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2 Responses to “A funny thing happened in Long Beach”

  1. Mary on Lake Pulaski on July 29th, 2009 7:35 pm

    Sounds like a lot of fun!! Love the apron too.

  2. I gab with Pat Sloan tomorrow! : All About Applique on March 20th, 2011 7:02 am

    […] I met Pat a couple years ago. Here’s a link to the story of how we met, in a post called A funny thing happened in Long Beach. […]