About this place

Greetings appliqué friends!

I’m Kay Mackenzie, a quilter and designer in Santa Cruz, California. Since appliqué is my favorite element of quiltmaking, I decided to create this site devoted to all things appliqué. This should be fun!

I must disclaim, right off the bat, that I do not know all things about appliqué! Gosh, who could? There are so many ways to appliqué, and even within broad categories there are tons of variations and subvariations. I look, listen, and learn something new almost every day.

That’s where you come in, dear appliqué friends. Consider this your happy place, a place where you can chime in and share what you know, how you do things, what works for you! When I post, please comment! Your experiences and discoveries will prove useful to others, and our discussions should be angel food cake for the appliqué lover’s soul.


About the logo:

Those are some of my designs, created in Adobe Illustrator and saved for the web.