November 30, 2014

I hope you all had a turkey-stuffed Thanksgiving and are still enjoying leftovers. We are… happily! It’s always just the hubby and me, but I cook the full dinner anyway.

I took some time today to update the Appliqué Booksstore with the latest scrumptious-looking appliqué titles. This virtual store is a very good gift resource for all your appliqué friends.

Have you seen the Appliqué Bookshop? It’s on the blog, in the left-hand sidebar. If you’re subscribed by email, you’ll need to click over to the blog itself on the internet to see the sidebars.

If you live in my area, you probably know the annual Heritage Holiday Craft and Gift Fair held at the Fairgrounds in Watsonville. It’s this coming weekend, and this year I’ll have a booth! It’s my first sort-of craft fair (as opposed to quilt show) and I’m excited because I’ve been into making finished goods lately, like those framed mini-quilts I blogged about not long ago. I’ll have my petite clutches, button magnets, button bouquets, and more. I’m also going to be offering quite a few wall quilts that I don’t need any more. Great opportunities for holiday shopping, for your loved ones or for yourself!

Here’s the poster for the fair.

Hope to see you if you’re from Santa Cruz County or thereabouts!

Holiday cheers,
By Kay Mackenzie


2 Responses to “Appliqué Bookshop stocked up”

  1. linda waldorf on November 30th, 2014 5:35 pm

    Hi Kay;

    I read a review several weeks ago about the gold-n-glide applique needles. I was able to get some thru my local quilt store in Citrus Heights, Runs with Scissors. Wow, those needles are like working with knifes thru soft butter. I LOVE them. And managed to get 3 other gals to buy some also. I am a beginning needle-turn applique-r. I am going to attempt batik next, as batik is my fav kind of fabric. When I came back to your site, I noticed you are in the Santa Cruz area. I lived in Watsonville from about 1969 to 1975, and attended an adventist boarding school, Monterey Bay Academy, there in La Selva Beach. So I know that area well. I now live in Cool, near Auburn, CA. Hopefully I can make it to one your shows. I will keep my eyes opened. Love your work and thank you for the article about the needles, love them! Happy Holidays,

  2. Kay on December 1st, 2014 8:13 am

    Linda, so glad the review helped!

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