Just added some designers to the lists.

Cleo’s Designs: Lovely flowers and birds.

The Noble Wife: Fresh, modern country look.

Janet Selck: Scraps of Time is her company and her new book Pieced Potpourri has tons of cute appliqué.

Whims: Kits for watercolor quilts with appliqué laid over.

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Just as in the best-laid travel plans, stuff happens. Take a rest, relax, and enjoy your break from the virtual tour. The blogosphere has a frog in its throat but never fear… we’ll get Annie’s podcast to you ASAP!

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Quilt Puppy Publications & Designs

When I got home from Market, one of the first things I did was to add a bunch of designers and pattern companies to the lists in the right-hand sidebar. Here are my new additions:

Bayou Patch Designs
Bloomin’ Minds
Ewe-unique Creations
Granola Girl Designs
Hatched and Patched
Jenny Creek Designs
Kitambaa Designs
Log Cabin Quiltworks
Patchworks Studio
Primitive Gatherings
The Quilt Company
Rabbits Haven
Sue Spargo Folk-Art quilts
Under the Garden Moon
Cathy Van Bruggen Designs
Waltzing With Bears
The Wooden Bear

There were scads more appliqué designers that I also saw and/or chatted with that were already on the lists. Other appliqué designers… if I’ve missed you, give me a shout!

Much more to come pursuant to Portland…
Until next time,
Quilt Puppy Publications & Designs

I spent a lot of time today adding designers to the list of links in the right-hand column. I also created a separate list of pattern companies, in case you’re more familiar with those names. There will be a lot more to come on both lists! I’ll be adding steadily, and my hopes are that this place will become a central resource for appliqué information. If I’ve missed a super appliqué designer, please let me know.

We also have an Amazon bookstore filled with books about appliqué! Check this out, in the left-hand column. I hand-picked these titles. Again, if I missed your favorite appliqué book, chime in! I’ll be working to keep the bookshop current with all of the newest titles.

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