Thank you so much to everyone who entered the drawing to win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, Volume 8!

The lucky winner is #130, Nancy A. Congratulations!! The staff at Quiltmaker will be sending you your magazine. Enjoy!

Many of you suggested putting apples or flowers in the basket. Absolutely! Go wherever your creativity leads you!

If you didn’t win a copy of the magazine and you’re craving one, I have Volume 8 up on my website now, on the patterns page.

I’d like to welcome new subscribers and those who’ve said they’ve bookmarked the site. Excellent! Be sure to take some time to poke around the blog. We celebrate all forms of appliqué here, and there’s tons of great information. Check out the appliqué bookstore, the categories, and the keyword search in the left sidebar. On the righthand side, you’ll find links to tons of designers and pattern companies.

I just got back from a trip to England and Scotland, and I’ll be posting some photos soon. Let’s just say… I went to Liberty. And Cath Kidston. :)

Whilst I was abroad, the staff at Quiltmaker put up a post on their blog Quilty Pleasures featuring my Basket of Oranges block, and my book Scrap-Appliqué Playground! Very cool! Go check it out on the November 18 post.

And there’s an earlier post over there at Quilty Pleasures that I wanted to make sure you saw if you use Electric Quilt: Getting to Know My EQ Boutique.

Back soon!
By Kay Mackenzie

For years I’ve been encouraging my wonderful friend Cathy Perlmutter, author of The Uncommon Yarmulke, to think about blogging. She’s a quilter, she’s a writer, and she’s funnier than all get-out. At long last her new blog is up and running! It’s not all that often that we get to follow a blog from its infancy, so I urge you to go see GefilteQuilt: a mish-mosh.

Start from the first post and catch up to the present. Cathy’s projects are wildly creative, vibrant, and (as you might tell from the title) eclectic. Her stories and generally the things that come out of her brains are humorous and easy to identify with.

Hope you enjoy GefilteQuilt as much as I do.

By Kay Mackenzie

Whenever I go to Market, I roam the aisles with an eye out for appliqué designers that I haven’t seen before. In Kansas City, I picked up literature from each one I spied, and I finally got the chance to add them to the lists of links (aka blogroll) in the right-hand sidebar.

(If you don’t see any sidebars right now, it means that you’re subscribed to my blog either in a blog reader or by email. To see the entire blog with all of its bits and parts, just click on the title of this post and you’ll be whisked away to the internet home of All About Appliqué.)

New in the blogroll:

Appliqué After Hours
Angela Lawrence

Blackberry Primitives
Wool appliqué

Marcia Layton Designs
Embellished wall quilts

Meeting House Hill Designs
Wool appliqué

Castilleja Cotton Patterns
Eclectic appliqué patterns

Cleo and Me
Whimsical quilts, embroidery, and more

In other news, this weekend I’ll be at the Piecemakers Quilt Guild Show held at Ohlone College in Newark, California. If you’re in the Bay Area, hope to see you there!

And, I just released a new, super simple, very cute little pattern.

These cookie jars can hold treats for our furry friends or for human kids as well!

I’ll have the new pattern with me this weekend, or it’s now available on the Patterns page on my website.

Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie

The lucky reader who came up the winner of Barbara Burnham’s Baltimore Garden Quilt is… Nellie! Congratulations to Nellie! And thank you so much to everyone who left warm and wonderful comments about Barbara’s work. I know she greatly appreciates it and so do I.

Other bits and bobs:

New in the blogroll: Zebra Designs by Debra Gabel. Check out the totally charming Holiday Houses!

scrap-cover-250 Mark your calendars for the upcoming Book-A-Round 3, June 8-15! My new book Scrap-Appliqué Playground comes out in mid-April, and during the Book-A-Round in June we’ll zoom around the blogosphere visiting seven other fabulous quilting blogs who will each feature something fun about the book.

This Thursday I’ll be headed to southern California once again for the 33rd Annual Glendale Quilt Show. The show, held at the Burbank Airport Marriott Convention Center, is Friday through Sunday, March 16-18. This is my first time as a vendor. I’ve attended the show before and had a fantastic time. In fact, once upon a time I received a Judges’ Choice ribbon for my Growing Hearts quilt and got to attend the awards banquet and everything :) So you might say I have a soft spot in my heart for the show. If you’re in SoCal I hope to see you there!

Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie

I admired the designs of these pattern companies when I saw them at Market, and just added them to the blogroll.

Buttons and Bees

Freckleberry Farm

Patchwork with Busy Fingers


I’m a member of an internet discussion group among quilt-pattern designers. Our conversations range far and wide, and recently the topic of blogs, blog feeds, and email subscriptions came up.

I myself am subscribed to the blogs I follow through Google Reader, an RSS feed reader that keeps everything organized in a browser tab.

Many people subscribe to blogs that way, while others prefer to subscribe by email. They’re more familiar with email and prefer having a post’s content delivered right to their in-box.

We who write blogs are ecstatic that you’re following us! Any which a way you like! But did you know that if you subscribe through a feed reader or by email, you’re missing a lot?

You’re getting each post in its bare-bones form. You see the text, you see the photos. But we work hard to format our posts, making them look pretty with text lined up and wrapping the right way with the pictures. This formatting is usually stripped away when posts are delivered remotely.

Also, you’re not seeing the blog’s sidebars, which are rich with possibilities.

Have you reviewed lately what All About Appliqué‘s sidebars have to offer? Take a moment to click over to the blog itself. Just click on the title of this post and you’ll be whisked away to the blog.

Are we there now? See how nice the content looks in its intended form? See all the good stuff in the sidebars? Let’s take a tour.

Top left… the Appliqué Bookshop, powered by Amazon. All appliqué titles, hand-picked by me for your browsing pleasure. Just below that is the Appliqué DVD Store.

Next comes a rotating ad from Amazon, with juicy titles to catch your eye.

Below that is a search function for the blog. Type some keywords here and it will search the entire archive, bringing up any post no matter how old. A very handy feature when you’re looking for information on a designer or a technique!

Then come the Categories. These are categories that I assign each blog post so that if you’re looking for info on a certain subject, you can click on one and all posts assigned that category will come up. Another way to search the blog, and very useful when looking for information.

Then there are a couple of blog rings. Click on these logos and you’ll be taken to another blog that belongs to the same ring. You can keep going around from blog to blog for a long time :).

Lastly on the left are the Archives, filed by month. If you want to look back and see all the posts for a certain month, that’s how you can do it.

Now we move to the right-hand side.

Up top are two ways to subscribe, by email or by feed reader. Both of these are great ways to receive automatic notification when a blog post goes up. Just remember, you’re only seeing a stripped-down version of the post when you get them this way, and clicking over to the blog itself is a good thing to do every once in awhile.

Below that are two linked logos, one for the new on-line Quilt Pattern Magazine, and one for the first issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks, both of which I had stuff in.

Then there’s a link to the All About Appliqué Flickr group, which you can post your appliqué photos to, or just go and enjoy the eye candy!

Below that is a linked image for the Easy Appliqué Blocks Book-A-Round from 2009. Ooh, that was a fun one.

rose basket3Guess what… there’s another one coming down the pike! That’s right, look for Book-A-Round 2, Inspired by Tradition coming your way in March or April. There will be tons of info about the new book as well as lots of chances to win a copy.

Below that is the blogroll, with lots of linky love for appliqué designers and pattern companies. Another rich resource for appliqué enthusiasts.

That’s it! Thanks for coming on the sidebar tour with me. And thanks for reading the blog, and subscribing to it!

Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie

scarecrowc15Congratulations to Bev Adcock, my winner for the Fall Into Fall Quilt Bloggers Giveaway!

Bev, I hope you enjoy all of the designs in Easy Appliqué Blocks: 50 Designs in 5 Sizes.


Well, that was a whole lot of fun! One hundred and seventy-seven of you visited my little corner of the web and left such nice comments. Many said things like:

I love appliqué


I’m just getting into appliqué

Yay again! Welcome!

Have done lots of applique in the past (distant past, lol!) It’s time to do that again.

Right on! Welcome back.

I’ve always wanted to try applique, but been afraid to try…

Come on down! There are a gazillion ways to appliqué and nobody says you have to do it a certain way. (If they do, think ‘noted and ignored’.) (That’s a quote from Psych :) ) Try out a few until you find the one that makes you comfortable and gives you results you like. Take the time to learn the tips and tricks, the little refinements that make a world of difference, before you throw up your hands in despair. I’ll be posting soon about the fabulous Keri Duke workshop I took last weekend and I’ll be talking about some of these issues then.

This blog is the gateway to a ton of great appliqué information, many different kinds. Explore the blogroll of appliqué designers and pattern companies, and take a stroll through the Categories. Those subscribed by email, you’ll need to click over to the blog itself to see what I’m talking about.

Thanks again for visiting during the Giveaway and I hope you all won prizes!

Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie

Just added some designers to the lists.

Cleo’s Designs: Lovely flowers and birds.

The Noble Wife: Fresh, modern country look.

Janet Selck: Scraps of Time is her company and her new book Pieced Potpourri has tons of cute appliqué.

Whims: Kits for watercolor quilts with appliqué laid over.

until next time,
Quilt Puppy Publications & Designs

You all left such nice comments on the Easy Appliqué Blocks virtual tour! The other bloggers, the publisher, and I greatly appreciate it! Your feedback is so valuable for all of us. Here are the readers who won copies for themselves through random draw from the comments.

Launch Party ~ Jenni in Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Day 2 ~ Kathie in Mountain Lakes, New Jersey
Day 3 ~ Jennifer in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Day 4 ~ Sarah in Espanola, Ontario, Canada
Day 5 ~ Jessica in Boston, Massachussetts
Day 6 ~ Terri in Medford, Oregon
Day 7 ~ Nancy in Weaverville, North Carolina
Day 8 ~ Mary in Buffalo, Minnesota
Day 8 ~ Barbara in Spokane, Washington
Day 10 ~ June in Monrovia, California
Wrap Party ~ Lindi in Astoria, Oregon

The readership was as widespread geographically as the tour itself. The power of the blog!

Until next time, back in your feed with more appliqué topics,
Quilt Puppy Publications & Designs

When I got home from Market, one of the first things I did was to add a bunch of designers and pattern companies to the lists in the right-hand sidebar. Here are my new additions:

Bayou Patch Designs
Bloomin’ Minds
Ewe-unique Creations
Granola Girl Designs
Hatched and Patched
Jenny Creek Designs
Kitambaa Designs
Log Cabin Quiltworks
Patchworks Studio
Primitive Gatherings
The Quilt Company
Rabbits Haven
Sue Spargo Folk-Art quilts
Under the Garden Moon
Cathy Van Bruggen Designs
Waltzing With Bears
The Wooden Bear

There were scads more appliqué designers that I also saw and/or chatted with that were already on the lists. Other appliqué designers… if I’ve missed you, give me a shout!

Much more to come pursuant to Portland…
Until next time,
Quilt Puppy Publications & Designs