August 8, 2009

Change is good

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First of all, let me hasten to tell you that Willie is in fine fettle. Almost 15 years old, he’s healthy and vigorous, still runs in the park with Dana, and we cherish him every day. So the following information has nothing to do with the state of the Real Quilt Puppy.

This is me

In fact, Willie has started his own dogblog! He’d be very pleased to have you share in his rich times. Visit The Most Excellent Life and Times of Willie the Quilt Puppy.

Now back to the subject of change. I’ve been feeling for some while now that it’s time to step out from behind a cute name and be myself. To that end, my design and publishing company is now called By Kay Mackenzie.
Quilt Puppy Publications will remain a publishing imprint.

Visit my redesigned website! It still has all the same stuff on it, but it’s got a different look now.

Here’s where the reorganized URLs go: ~ By Kay Mackenzie website ~ By Kay Mackenzie website ~ Kay’s Show and Tell Center (or, go to and click on Show & Tell)

My new email address is kay at (You know the drill, use the @ sign and no spaces.)

Thanks for hanging in there with me during this exciting time. Sometimes a little change can make you feel fresh and new.

Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie


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