… And we’re back. 2.8.4 at last! What a weight off my mind. Of course a lot of the content in my sidebars evaporated and I spent the morning rebuilding them, but hey, at least I’m up and running again with the most important stuff. And now for today’s post.

DH Dana and I are both writers. However, there’s quite a difference between the type of comments we each might make upon entering each others’ offices.

Here’s what he might say after wandering into my studio.

kay-screen.gif“Nice typeface. New?”


dolls.gif“Looks like a doll shop.”

Whereas, when I mosey into his workspace, I might say something like,

dana-screen.gif“I see that the residual set in your Apollonian Gasket forms a fractal with dimension 1.30568.”

It works out quite well actually, at least for the last 20 years :).

Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie