I recently received a beautiful flier from Arlene Lane of Quilted Comforts in Sandpoint, Idaho, featuring appliqué designs with an “ethnic peasant flair.”

Boy, does this appeal to me! I’ve always loved the look of tole painting, Pennsylvania Dutch, Scandinavian, and every look of that sort.

I asked Arlene to tell us a little more.

Arlene: My unique perspective on design comes from my Slovenian heritage. I have always been attracted to the folk art of many European cultures and this is reflected in my applique designs.


Slovenian Splendor by Arlene Lane.

In Slovenian, as with other European cultures, the women would embroider their costumes with bright colored flowers and shapes. I transposed some of these shapes into appliqué and arranged them into a pleasant layout and designed the quilting to fit the quilt.

Here’s a tip: When designing an applique piece, I usually incorporate a good number of small shapes or filler shapes as I call them. These smaller shapes offer me an opportunity to add a splash of color where needed and also fill in gaps between larger shapes.

Kay: Thanks Arlene! There are many more beautiful patterns at the Quilted Comforts website. Enjoy.

Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie