Greetings fellow appliqué enthusiasts! I’d like your opinion on something.

I was thinking of putting together a self-help brochure to hand out at my booth during quilt shows. Something like this.

The brochure would be offered to visitors who say things like:

I haven’t done any appliqué yet.
I can’t do appliqué.
I’m afraid of appliqué.
So this is all hand appliqué? That’s too hard.
So this is all stick-on? That’s not really appliqué.
How long did this all take?
I don’t have the patience.
Did you do all this?????
My dear, you need to get a life.
Oh, it’s more of that crappliqué.

And the list goes on.

My responses generally fall into the form of reassuring, encouragement, clarification of method, assertion that there is no one correct method, and letting less than kind comments roll off the back. :)

It’s a lot of talking. Wouldn’t it be much simpler to hand them a little brochure? Something that they could take home and read at their leisure? Surely the scales would fall from their eyes and their quilting lives would be forever changed!

What do you think?

Can you add to the list of comments that put you into appliqué defense mode? And what would be the perfect name for the handout?

Many thanks,
By Kay Mackenzie

I survived the beast that is PIQF! When I say beast I mean it in the best way, but it sure is good to be home and resting up. :)

I had hardly a chance to get out and take photos, but since I was close to the international exhibits I did spot this wondrous appliqué entry from New Zealand.

Sue Bee's Flower Garden by Sue Burnett


A 21-day wonder based on a Kim McLean pattern, with no appliqué experience, completed during a time of personal challenge. Awesome. And very beautiful too.

Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie

Still waiting to hear back from the winner of the October giveaway, so I’ll let ya know.

The November/December issue of Quiltmaker is on its way to newsstands and subscribers now. I got my advance copies, and, happy dance! My article got a cover line!

This piece has been in the works for almost a year now, and it’s so very cool to finally see it in print.

The pillow that I made came out beautiful. I think this block is one of my favorites that I ever designed.

The project is accompanied by a step-by-step how-to on back-basting preparation for hand appliqué, complete with photos.

Until next time,

The gals at The Wooden Bear dropped me a line to let me know about their very adorable new BOM series that starts in January.

Extreme cuteness for every month of the year!

Not only that, they’re offering a free U.S. shipping special if you sign up by October 10!

As a special treat for readers of the blog, The Wooden Bear is giving away a complete kit for January, pattern plus wool plus thread included. How nice is that?

If you’d like to win the kit for this happy snowman, please leave a comment on this post here at All About Appliqué by 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 5.

Contest open to U.S. and Canada mailing address only. And remember, replies to email subscriptions do not enter the drawing.

Many thanks to The Wooden Bear!
By Kay Mackenzie