This Sunday, I’m making my first foray into the world of the street fair!


Up until now I’ve resisted outdoor events, because I’m a very pale individual and have about zero tolerance for the sun before I fry like an egg. I also didn’t want to get into canopies with sandbags or umbrellas with 50 lb. bases. Oy vey! However, I found a nifty, small, lightweight item called a clamp-on umbrella, which I can attach to my chair and provide myself a little oasis of shade. So off I go to the streets with my little umbrella and lots of sunscreen.

Morgan Hill is a wonderful community that’s east of Santa Cruz and south of San Jose. In the summertime they have an downtown event on the fourth Sunday of the month called Indie Market. I’m bringing all of the stuff I’ve been making with buttons the last couple years. Magnet sets, notecards, flowers, gift tags, plus framed mini-quilts and a few other handmade goodies.


If you live in the area, I hope you’ll drop by the event. There should be lots of interesting stuff, all made by home-based artisans.

By Kay Mackenzie
Kay’s Etsy Shop