July 30, 2008

DH Dana and I got home on Monday afternoon from International Quilt Festival in Long Beach. I was one weary girl. Besides all the toting, stooping, and lifting, talk about your mental energy expended! It was a blast and a half.

Turret House.gifWe arrived at the Turret House Bed & Breakfast on Wednesday. I found it on-line; it’s one of only two B&Bs in Long Beach, and just a mile from the show. It was an utter delight.

sitting-room.gifDone up in overstuffed Victorian style, the house was welcoming and comfy. The kitchen’s open so you can wander through the entire downstairs, even cook your own meals if you want to.

parlor.gifA couple of different parlors provided reading or chatting opportunities with other guests.

winston.gifWinston the English Bulldog was the official meeter and greeter. Such a friendly guy!

gray-lady.gifHere’s the Gray Lady who startled me every morning at the bottom of the staircase.

Thursday mid-morning we headed down to the convention center to set up the Quilt Puppy booth. When we got near the front entrance, Dana said, “Is that the line to unload?”

conv-center.gifIt was. See those two vans headed left alongside the building? That was the end of the line waiting for the loading docks, which were at the back of the building!

After a quick consultation with a security guard, we coughed up $10 bucks, parked in the parking deck, and rolled everything across the street.

dana-helper.gifMy cheerful helper Dana with the blessed Handi-Mover.

line-load.gifHere’s the line of waiting vans that we rolled past.

dock.gifThe glamorous side of a quilt show! The loading dock.

back.gifWhat the vendors get to see… the back of the venue, during setup.

make-it.gifMake-It-University, before all the action starts.

Next time, more about the show!
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2 Responses to “I survived Quilt Festival!”

  1. April on August 27th, 2008 8:28 am

    I visited your booth on Sunday 7/27, and fell in love with your applique designs. I’ve just started quilting & applique-ing this year, and was looking for an applique project. I bought your Teapots to Applique 2 that day, and have been making teapots out of floral prints. I just ordered your Teapots Pattern Pack so I can make some of those teapots too! I enjoy your blog as well.

  2. admin on August 27th, 2008 8:35 am

    Hi April! Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying appliqué (yay) and the teapots. Be sure to send me some pictures so I can put them up on the Show & Tell Center. :)