October 20, 2007

This is a mite off-topic, but it occurred to me after I wrote the post about Free Flowers that it might seem a bit odd that I talk about keeping the dog from walking over my project.

Maybe you were picturing a big wiggly golden retriever clambering up on my sewing table? No, Willie the real quilt puppy is a papillon, who weighs 7 pounds and is about the size of a cat. He is very nimble and a great jumper. He leaps up onto the chair and thence to the table with lightning speed. From there his destination is the windowsill, where he looks out over his domain (the neighborhood courtyard).

Willie is 13 years old now. Here’s picture of him taken when he was 12. His head has gone gray but the sable coloration on his back is still vivid red-brown and black.

You have treat for me??

Here’s Willie approving the cover quilt for my first book, Dog Cabin.

Willie at a younger age, helping me unpack after a workshop with Caryl Bryer Fallert.

So that’s the quilt puppy, who walks over my projects and the extension table of my sewing machine, lies on my quilts while I’m trying to quilt them. sleeps in a tub of fabric by the window, and otherwise offers dog help and boon companionship.

Until next time,


One Response to “Introducing the quilt puppy”

  1. Jeannette on December 2nd, 2007 10:41 pm

    I had a Willie too a cat with the same colorings beleive it or not. My Willie was always involved in my sewing or crafting..he was my partner lol.
    Just want you to know that I am enjoying this site that you set up, love the links to video’s etc. I’ve sent this on to all my quilting buddies knowing they will be interested in the aspects of applique and other interesting items you’ve incorporated.
    Thank you