February 1, 2008

It’s leap year!

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There are 29 days in February this year. The way my adorably geeky husband Dana explains it, this happens every 4 years, except when the year ends in 00 (like 1800 or 1900) when it doesn’t, except every 400 years, when it does. Thank you, Pope Gregory XIII, for your venerable calendar that keeps this all straight.

When Dana and I lived in Ohio, February meant the first stirrings of spring, as I saw the little snowdrops come up and felt I might make it through the winter. Now, even though we live in California, February still means early spring to me.


In honor of the promise of spring, I thought I’d put up a picture of my little row quilt, A Spin in the Garden. The pattern is available on my website, Quilt Puppy Publications & Designs. I just love the chubby bunnies. In fact, people always refer to this one as “the bunny quilt.”

Over at Quilt Puppy, I like to run some sort of special each month. For Leap Year February, I’ve got a really fantastic one! Save 20% on the bunny quilt pattern, and in fact, your entire purchase! That’s right, through February 29, 2008, everything is 20% off, and the savings are calculated right in the shopping cart.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day too!

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Quilt Puppy Publications & Designs


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