January 9, 2008

This part of California has been stormy for days. The power at our house has been blipping out so many times that I gave up resetting the clocks! Last night, I was just trimming an appliqué shape when whoops! there it went again. I waited in the dark, and when it didn’t come back on right away, I knew it would be out for awhile.

I groped my way to the flashlight and puttered around the house, doing a few things that didn’t require power, but my appliqué was weighing on my mind. All of a sudden I got an idea. I searched the bedside table for a little battery-powered reading light that I’d had for years but had hardly used. Making my way back to the sofa, I stationed my Cut ‘n Press on my lap, set the light on it, turned it on, angled it just right, and there was this bright little pool of light illuminating my work.

Now mind you, I had both my contacts in and some reading glasses on, but with this light I was able to go ahead and finish the appliqué block.


This one’s called Mighty Bright, and I’ve heard of one called the Itty Bitty Book Light or something like that. Whatever kind you can find, they’re at bookshops, and I found this one quite handy last night.

By the way, sending props to those of you who have gone through power outages that lasted days. I salute you!

Until next time,
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