The Amador Valley Quilt Guild, based in Pleasanton, California, used to have its biennial show at the fairgrounds. Now they’re having it at a spiffy new location in nearby Livermore.

Does Livermore ring a bell? Yes, it is the home of Alex Anderson! And she’s giving two talks on Sunday!

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The show is this coming weekend, April 22-23, at the Robert Livermore Community Center. I’ll be there in my vendor booth in the Ballroom.

If you ever wondered, Robert Livermore was a Brit who jumped ship in 1822 and eventually became an influential landowner who helped shape California. He’s also the Livermore part of the Lawrence Livermore national research facility, and there’s an element named livermorium!

I don’t have any patterns celebrating the Periodic Chart of the Elements, but I do have several new patterns that I haven’t been able to show off due to the temperamental nature of the blogosphere. Here’s one:


Hope to see you at the show!

By Kay Mackenzie
Kay’s Etsy Shop

I’ve been enjoying the ‘black and white and red all over’ color scheme a lot lately. It’s the first thing I thought of when I started developing my new chicken pattern.

You may think of white chickens, or Rhode Island Reds, but I was inspired by a short story I once read about “Dominikers” or black-and-white Dominique chickens.



Here’s my new pattern, Cluck & Co. Four fancy chicks are stepping out in style!

I used raw-edge fusible machine appliqué for my version. For a refresher on that method, here’s a link to my Raw-Edge Fusible Demo. Of course you can always use your own method if you favor another one. It’s all good!

Another trick that I pulled out of the bag for this one was the double-layer strategy for the heads, to avoid shadow-through when putting light over dark. Just fuse two layers of light fabric together, then use this composed fabric just like the others in your project.

Hope you are enjoying your summer! I have a couple months off from shows and have been knee-deep in foster kittens!


Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie
Kay’s Etsy Shop