Besides being a quilter, for the last couple years I’ve been seriously into buttons. Not the antique kind that you mount on cards and keep in a collection, but cute and colorful buttons that I use to make notecards, magnets, flowers, and whatever else I can think of.

Okay so sometimes it’s the little things in life… truth be told it’s a whole lot of fun to sit down and sort a newly acquired batch of buttons to see what you’ve got.

Sometimes there are some head-scratchers.

When you think of a button, usually it’s gonna have two holes or four holes, for sewing through to attach to a garment. Right? Well I’ve come across some pretty peculiar buttons in the way of holes, and have been tossing them in a box for further contemplation.

Let us begin.


That’s right, zero holes. All I can say is, hmmmm…. trying to think how can be attached…


Here we have the one-hole button. Especially fascinating is the one-hole off-center specimen. Again, how can the attachment occur?


Now we’re getting closer to a conventional button, but these buttonholes don’t seem to like one another.


No more Starbucks for you.


I can kind-of see how these might be attached, but it seems a bit of trouble.


Three holes off-center. These have got me stumped.


Four holes lined up like ducks in a row. That’s a hard shirt to button.


The purple one says, I make an M… cool right? So green… what’s your story.


Hope you weren’t planning on using button thread for these.





Round is so boring.


We love you just the way you are.


Wild child!


And last, my absolute favorite. Spoiled for choice of holes! Eight, count ’em, eight! Pick two, pick four, or sew through all of them if you truly enjoy attaching buttons. It’s a button-sewer’s paradise.

I enjoy my little collection of oddball buttons. And please, if you know the reasoning behind the various configurations of holes, enlighten us!

Until next time,
By Kay Mackenzie
Kay’s Etsy Shop