I have a significant amount of presbyopia… that stiffening of the focusing mechanism in the eye also known as Over-40-Eyes. I can’t see small things close up whatsoever. To compensate, I wear monovision contacts during the day.

They vastly improve my near vision, but they don’t exactly, shall we say, correct it.

When I’m sewing, I put on reading glasses over my contacts, and then I can really see!

So I go from two eyes to four eyes to six eyes. Hey, whatever it takes for the sewing!

A sneak peek of what I’m using my six eyes for right now.

My pal Cathy Perlmutter recently reviewed a geek-chic contraption she swears by, called MagEyes. From the looks of this thing it’s reading glasses on steroids! It was invented by a lady to aid in her hand smocking. Go read Cathy’s hilarious Gefiltequilt post, How You Look vs. How You See.

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By Kay Mackenzie